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Time To Start Your Business

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Time To Start Your Business

Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner, not everyone would own a mega business, not everyone would be an employer or an employee, but this is what I expect, “Everyone should have more than one source of Income”.

We all know the saying; don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We end up as slaves when we know that if we don’t have our current job we cannot put food on our table, we cannot afford the good things of life. We end up as slaves if we know that the job we have is the only source of income and we don’t have a choice than to jump out of bed early in the morning, return late at night only to jump out of bed the next morning. The job and the need for money controls us, so the rat race continues.

What will you say if I tell you, there is a job offer where you decide when to resume in the morning, when to close, you decide who you work for (you chose the client) and who works for you (you chose your team). You control your time and control the salary you earn, you can decide to work from home so you can drop your kids at school and pick them up later in the day.
Would you take that kind of job? If your answer is yes, then the job offer is starting your own business!

The many question I get when I discuss this topic is; as an employee,
– What kind of business can I do?
– Should I leave my current job?
– When can I start my own business?
– Where can I get capital to start my own business?

To this most frequently asked questions, my response generally would be:

– Do “businesses” that meets people’s needs, find a problem and solve it in exchange for money, do a business you understand and have passion for.

– As regards leaving your current job to start your own business, I do not always advice this until that your business can pay your current salary, but you cannot know this until you start. You can always run your business while still keeping your current job. The idea is to have other streams of Income from your job so you don’t end up as slaves to your job.

If you must leave your job to start your new business or run an existing business, ensure you have at least six months of your current salary in a savings account or preferably a fixed income investment account that you readily have access to.

– Where to get capital? Use your current job as the first means, save, invest, take an office loan, draw up a business plan and sell the idea to friends and family to attract investors. Stay away from Nigerian banks!

In conclusion, “you can’t fall if you don’t climb, and the truth is, there is no joy in living your whole life on the ground”. Start your business now with what you have!

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